Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Newfoundland Quilt

Here are a few more of the blocks I've been working on for My Newfoundland Quilt. I use a combination of fusing and applique to make the blocks. They still need some embellishing and quilting but so far so good. I'm halfway to my goal of twelve blocks which will make a good-sized wall-hanging.
The colours in the photos aren't exactly as the fabrics, but close. The first block shows the lighthouse at Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North America.

Next is an old-fashioned stove with fire showing in the firebox, a warming oven on top, where you put your bread to rise, a wood box and rubber boots warming by the side of the stove. There was a cat there at one time, but it disappeared!

Every Newfoundlander (and others too, I hope) will recognize a moose. There are so many moose in NL that everyone's farewell as you leave for the highway is "Watch out for moose!"

The block below shows a boy with a Newfoundland dog standing on a beach looking out to sea. Small boy but big dog.

A seagull on a rock is a common sight in Newfoundland, although you don't see as many these days, since the cod fishery collapsed.

That's it for this month. Keep watching. You may see some puffins or an iceberg floating by, if it hasn't all melted before I get it finished.


firstsopsue said...

Wow, these blocks are beautiful!

Debbie LeDrew said...

I'm just trying appliqué for the first time on some placemats and I'm using your blocks for inspiration. My first placemat was sone whimsical jelly bean row houses and today I'm going to try a lighthouse. Thanks for the great ideas!!!
Debbie LeDrew (((hugs)))