Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Song

"It's been a long, long time from May to December
"And the days grow short, when you reach September..."

Contrary to what the well-known song says, it doesn't seem all that long, to people who live in a climate where winter seems to occupy nearly eight months of the year. Summer just seems to race by and is never long enough. But the days are definitely growing shorter here. The sun rises a little later each morning (and so do I!) and there are no more long, light evenings. Looking on the bright side, however, quilting guilds and bee groups are meeting again and providing inspiration for those of us who are trying to decide on our next quilting project and have been missing the pleasure of getting together with other quilters.

I include myself in both those categories.

I've just finished my trio of disappearing nine-patch flannelette baby quilts which were a pleasure to make (see photo above of one) and am eager to get back to one of my "fishy"UFO's. I have some new fabrics (and lots of "old" ones, also) to try out and see what develops.
In June I purchased several packages of cards suitable for inserting fabric art pictures. I made a few of these several years ago and enjoyed the process so much that I've decide to "have another go."
Our guild will have its first meeting of the guild year this month and, as always, it will mean greeting old friends, perhaps making some new ones and catching up on the latest trends in quilting, as well as being inspired by the always amazing "show and tell" and the interesting speakers who share their quilting experiences and expertise with us all.
Soon there will be a call for charity quilts, which I always enjoy making, and that will be another project for the autumn months.
Being a quilter, means always having something to look forward to.
Happy Quilting!