Friday, November 21, 2014

Praise the Lord!

Yes, I'm happy to say, the Mission Possible Sale was a success. This is the third time we've held it  (we only do it every other year) and the best so far. We have a very dedicated group of ladies who work very hard to organize it and with help from lots of others in our congregation it went well. It's so great to know that my quilting not only gives me great pleasure, but can be used to help others who don't have the resources to help themselves.
Here are some photos of my corner of the sale room. I was very pleased to be able to sell all but one of my larger quilts and all but one of the baby quilts plus quite a few of the smaller items, as well.

After taking a VERY short break from quilting I'm now working on a "Butterfly" quilt for our little grand-daughter Grace who has turned three and needs a quilt for her "big girl bed." Pictures of that next time.