Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cold Weather and Warm Quilts

It has been an unusually early winter with lots of snow and many cold days. Ideal for quilting and in spite of Christmas preparations, I managed to find time to make two small quilts for the great-grandsons of a neighbour.

Erick's quilt was a challenge as he has been blind from birth, so I used simple shapes and many different materials - cotton, silk, brocade, embossed, linen, leather, vinyl and some unknown fibres with fuzzy surfaces, to make his quilt as tactile as possible. Each shape is stitched around with a zig-zag stitch which, I hope, will enable him to "see" the shape with his fingers.  The borders and backing are a flannel with Superman motifs.
Parker is Eric's little brother and the colourful blocks repeat the colours in the patterned flannel used as alternate blocks and borders. The flannel motifs are various kinds of trucks and machines. Parker is fond of Batman, so I was happy to find a fleece with large Batman motifs and used it for the backing.  So both boys will have warm,cosy quilts for Christmas.
To all my blog and quilting friends, I wish you a Christmas warm with love and happiness and many blessings of the quilting kind in the New Year.