Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quilters' Quotes

May, 2008

I place the pieces of my quilt
In order and design.
The path it takes, the love it makes
Forever will be mine.

-Jan Rank, Australia

Q(uilters') Tips

7. Use pin curl clips, or plastic coated paper clips to hold binding in place when sewing it onto the quilt.
8. Save small pieces of thin cotton batting. They are great for wiping off cutting boards, dusting around your machine, or picking up loose threads from any smooth surface.
9. Another use for masking tape. Wrapped around the hand, sticky side out, it can be used to pick up tiny threads from a seam that you have just ripped out. I keep a roll of painter's green masking tape among my sewing supplies.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

More Q(uilter's) Tips

4. When purchasing fabrics from different sources, write in the selvedge edge the name of the source from which you purchased it, in case you need to get more of the same.
5. Before washing fabrics, cut a small piece off each corner. This will prevent ravelling and tell you later if the fabric has been washed or not.
6. To determine the grain of squares after they have been cut, gently stretch the fabric square in each direction. There will be more stretch in the crosswise grain.