Monday, January 18, 2016

December/January. Mission Accomplished!

     With all the excitement of Christmas, having all our family and other guests with us on Christmas Day, and coming and going for weeks afterward, there wasn't time to do a blog post in December. Now it's mid-January, but I'm happy to say that I did reach my goal of a quilt a month for 2015!  Hooray! In, fact, I exceeded it, by making a second Bird of Wisdom wall-hanging, as well as finishing the disappearing nine-patch I was working on in November. This a a pattern I found on the Missouri Star Quilt Co. website called the Window Pane Disappearing Nine-Patch. I wanted to try it, to see if I enjoyed making the pattern. So I choose a mixture of softer coloured pieces from my scrap stash, with one brighter fabric for contrast, and got to work. I used white fabric for the window-pane sashing and made it a crib-size quilt. Here it is:

Window Pane Disappearing Nine-Patch

This was a fun and easy pattern to make and if I try it again (there are so many patterns waiting to be tried!) I'll use a darker fabric for the sashing, which should change the look substantially.

Until next month, 
Happy Quilting!