Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Last of the Stashbusters

This past month has been a time of finishing projects that were started earlier in the year. They were all "stashbuster" quilts and I have now finished five with a little more quilting to be done on the sixth and last (for now) quilt. These are all going to the "Mission Possible" Arts, Crafts and Bake Sale on November 6th in support of Salvation Army World Missions. The money raised will go to such projects as providing clean drinking water, medical and school supplies, and micro-credit to create a source of income for poverty stricken families, often women and children.

Two of the quiltswere especially interesting to me. The green/brown reversible "quilt-as-you-go" was the first time I'd tried this technique and it proved quite easy to finish, if you enjoy hand sewing. My quilt is 51"square, but I could see doing a larger one and using a different pattern for the blocks sometime in the future. Another plus for this pattern is using up lots of left-over strips and pieces of batting too small for most other projects. I used cotton batting, which is very stable.

The other quilt is made of left-overs from a queen-size quilt I made last year. I altered the original design and had a lot of half-octagons and four-point stars left over. Originally I was going to use them as the backing for a quilt, but my "quilting consultant" (aka Gordon) persuaded me that they should be made into another quilt top, so I did.

I hope someone else likes them enough to buy them at the sale. We have lots of items coming in. Sewing, (especially quilts), crochet, knitting, woodwork, greeting cards, books and original photos are some of the crafts being sold. By this time next month it will all be over and (we hope!) a great success.