Thursday, January 22, 2015


     The month before and the weeks after Christmas were very busy. Apart from the usual festive activities, I was trying to finish a quilt for our little three-year old grand-daughter, Grace, whom we were to meet in Hawaii in early January. Happily, I was able to complete it in time for it to travel with us to Hawaii and from there to Singapore where Grace and her parents live.  We had a lovely time together in Hawaii and now are trying to adjust to the winter weather again in Edmonton. Fortunately the temperatures are above zero, which makes it a little easier. With the fabric I bought in Hawaii (not to mention what I have already on hand!), I have lots of options for new quilts and the only problem now is to decide where to begin.
     Apologies to all my friends, who never received an invitation to our home over Christmas. With any luck we'll get together in February!
     Here's the quilt I made for my grand-daughter called "Grace's Butterflies."