Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Something "Fishy"

I have just finished the seventh in my series "Fabulous Fish" wall-quilts, inspired by Susan Carlson's book "Free-Style Quilts" and the end is nowhere in sight. I start with the outline of a fish - sometimes based on a real fish and sometimes a variation of a previously used outline. I select the colour palette I plan on using and the fish seems to take over from there. Rarely does the finished quilt turn out as expected. I am learning to be bolder with colour and freer with design. Borders, which I've often added just to make a quilt large enough, are now a challenge and also a delight, as I have fun experimenting with different fabrics and designs. As the wall-quilts are small (usually under 25 in x 15 in) finishing the borders never becomes tedious. Here are two more samples of fabulous fish.

Top: Golden Grumpy
Bottom: Marble Fin