Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions, as such, although I do make resolutions at various times of the year and one made at some point last year was to try and use up as much of my stash as possible, especially flannelettes, which were overflowing their plastic tub. Baby quilts were the answer (see previous blogs) and I was doing very well combining the bits and pieces of flannelette that I had already acquired. The tub was two-thirds empty with only a few pieces on the shelf waiting their turn to be sewn into quilts. Then I ran into the common problem of needing just another metre to use as a backing for a top I had just finished. Nothing I had on hand was suitable. Naturally this meant a trip to the fabric store, where I fully intended to purchase only what I needed. But, alas, the remnant bin was too good to resist and (like any quilter worth her salt) on seeing an offer of "Buy one, get five free" I started to rummage and hit pay dirt! Before long my hands and arms were juggling six pieces of flannette totaling over five metres and for a cost of only $8.50. Ignoring my previous resolution, I purchased them together with the material I really needed.
Once at home, rationalization began (baby quilts were always in demand and the price was impossible to beat) and so did three more quilts. My total to date is 13, with one or two more to go to use up most of the pieces I now have. Only four remain with me, the rest having been given to various charitable enterprises and of the former, one will be given to a new baby later in the month. So my resolution still stands. I can almost see the end of the flanelette. Then there will only be seven more tubs (and a few boxes of assorted squares and strips) to go!
That is, if I avoid the remnant bin!