Thursday, January 9, 2014

Black, White and Red

       After the painstaking designing and intricate sewing of my Newfoundland quilt. I was ready for something much simpler. This black, white and red "square-in-a-square" quilt was the answer. The blocks, as you can see are simple and the sewing was straightforward. In fact this would be an ideal pattern for a beginner quilter or someone who just wants to make a quilt in a hurry. The blocks (five across and seven down)  are 9 inches square when finished and the red centres are 3 inches. I used strips 9" x 3" (finished) for the borders and the four corner blocks are made of four 3" (finished)squares.  I didn't have a pattern but  just figured out my own measurements. The finished quilt is 60" x 80". This design and colours would probably appeal to a man in your family. It did to mine.