Friday, June 7, 2013

Quilts for the little Boys

May has whipped by without a post and this one will have to do for June as well. There have been other priorities; specifically, the arrival of my little 19th-month old granddaughter and her parents from Singapore. They have been with us for three weeks with a few more days to go. And as all grandmothers will understand, every moment spent together is precious. Even quilting has to take a back seat. But I did manage to finish three quilts for  my Edmonton grandsons before the Singapore family arrived.  The bunk-bed size Spiderman quilt is for seven-year old Evan.
His little brothers, five-year-olds Aidan and Iain each get a quilt called Traffic Jam ( the name of the focus fabric in each quilt). These are also twin-bed size. As you can see, I have designed them both the same, but with a variation in the placement of the orange and green fabrics, so each little boy's quilt is just a little different from his brother's. The striped fabric and the orange and green complement the focus fabric and make (what I think, anyway) are two bright and cheerful quilts. These quilts were  hand-quilted around the motifs and machine quilted in-the-ditch elsewhere. The circles in the centre panel were cut from a complementary print, fused then stitched in place as were the letters in the names.
 That's it for now.
Happy Quilting!