Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quilts for June and July

     June and July haven't been very productive for me, as far as quilting goes. What with visitors, summer activities and general  lethargy, I haven't accomplished much. In the meantime, here are two "multi-fabric" quilts I finished earlier in the year to be counted for June and July, so I'm still on track for my "Quilt-a-Month" project.
     The first is "anything goes" Wonky Diamonds sewn from an over-flowing box of strips with no particular colour pattern beyond  using lighter fabrics for the diamonds and darker ones for the background stripes. A quick and easy pattern with a "piano-key" border.

Wonky Diamonds

     The next is made from a lot of fabrics I collected on a trip to Australia many years ago. I cut out the initial pieces and arranged them on my design wall according to a picture I had seen in an Australian magazine. That pattern just didn't work very well with the fabrics I had, so they were put away for a long time. Always, in the back of my mind, was the feeling that I must do something with them. I finally chose to use the " quilt as-you-go" pattern, and after using the same pieces, but rearranging the fabrics, I ended up with the quilt below. The back is a mixture of fabrics from my stash, including some Australian and Indonesian fabrics.

Aussie Multi-fabric Quilt  -front
Aussie Quilt back 
I've recently started another quilt - a much more elaborate pattern - which I will have to send out to be quilted and then
 add three-dimensional floral appliques to the quilt top.  This will take a while, and, as I'll be travelling in August, I'll have to play "catch-up" in September to keep on track.  In the meantime, there's no shortage of patterns and ideas to play with.
That's the fun of being a quilter!