Thursday, October 31, 2013

Final blocks for NL quilt

All twelve blocks are now completed for my Newfoundland Quilt/Wall-hanging.  Some worked out better than others, but I am generally happy with the lot. Having to make my own patterns  for a lot of them, or downsize patterns I had been given was a challenge. Next to be added are the sashing and borders of Newfoundland tartan. You can see the tartan in the map of NL block.  Here are the last five blocks.

This block shows two cod fish. In NL if you talk about "fish" you are talking about the cod. These cod somehow seem to have strayed into tropical waters. Or is it global warming?


Next is a typical dory tied up to a stage -  a shed where fish are cleaned and salted or packaged and where fishermen gather to mend nets and have a chat.

 Icebergs are very common around the shores of NL in the early spring and summer months. They can be small or huge, towering over boats and houses on the shore.

 The map of Newfoundland in the NL tartan. (Sorry, Labradorians about leaving out your  part of the province!)

 The pitcher plant is the floral emblem of NL.

And that`s all for this time. With any luck and time to sew, the next blog will show the finished quilt.

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Heather said...

Your blocks for this quilt are amazing. wow. Not only terrific theme and research, but the fabrics you have chosen work so well.