Friday, March 19, 2010

Old and New

"The March wind doth blow and we shall have snow." So the old verse goes. That is pretty well always true for Edmonton, but this month has been surprisingly spring-like with the piles of snow and sand plowed up during the earlier months reduced to dirty heaps along the edges of the roads. Early spring (if I can be so bold as to assume it has already arrived) is not the most attractive time of year in Edmonton.
However, my mind has been occupied with more interesting things than the weather, as I continue in my self-imposed struggle to use as much of my fabric stash , while buying as little new fabric as possible.
The shoe-boxes which contained a miscellany of squares and rectangles are gradually emptying and the quilt-top I made using a lot of them turned out to be surprisingly bright and cheerful, in a very traditional way. I began by sewing pieces together, then combining them into a large square to which I added a variety of pieced borders, none of them very complicated but all seemed to work together in the end. It was sort of a personal round-robin. (See photo at beginning of blog for the quilt in progress.)
Next I took pieces left over from another project and combined them with black sashing into what I intended to use for the quilt backing, but my "quality-control advisor" (aka my husband) said he really liked it and it should be the front of another quilt. Which poses a problem as I shall have to go and buy fabric to back two quilts now!
Currently, I am working to combine the over 30 four-point black-prints stars, (left over when I changed the design of a previous quilt) with vivid orange diamonds. This one is tricky as there are eight points meeting at one place in the design. If I persevere, this will be one striking quilt! And, if nothing else, its orange and black combination will be great for Halloween!
All this, and the end is nowhere in sight, but I'm having lots of fun.
Next month, we are off to Europe. I have already purchased tickets for entry to the Victoria and Albert Museum's 300 Years of Quilts exhibition in London. Stay-tuned for a report in May and
Happy Quilting!

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