Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crazy Quilting - Ideal Travel Project

If you, like me, enjoy doing handwork and like to have something to work on when you travel, try crazy quilting. Small projects like teapot cozies or small purses can give you hours of enjoyment as you try various stitches and patterns. These items also make very pretty and useful gifts. Here are two of my latest projects.


Susan said...

Hey, mom, I like these tea cosies, especially the fact that they are small, manageable projects. I am working on a small wall hanging right now, and will send you pictures of the completed project. Love, Susan.

Krista said...

Hi Ada,

I've finally revisited your blog after first coming across it...what are the chances of getting you to make a tea cosy for Allison that I can buy from you to give to her for Christmas? She's the tea drinker in our family!

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